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Maurice has been a consultant cosmetic surgeon for over 20 years.

His main areas of interest within cosmetic surgery are of the breast and abdomen. His practice is based at the Spire Norwich Hospital on the Old Watton Road, Colney close to Norwich.

The consultations take place at the Hill House Consulting Rooms also at the Spire Norwich Hospital. The consultations are friendly, relaxed and designed to help you make the right decision. Through his close relationship with local Norwich GPs Maurice is also happy to discuss their cosmetic surgery referrals with you.

Prospective patients are advised about the various techniques available and any associated risks. A second consultation is often recommended to allow time for proper consideration. The intention is not to encourage surgery, but rather to give sound advice and guidance. In some cases surgery may not be recommended.

If you decide that cosmetic surgery is the right option for you, Maurice will do his best to make the process as smooth as possible both while in hospital and during the recovery process.

Maurice's secretary, Janet, is highly knowledgeable, but more importantly she’s a very friendly person who’s easy to talk to. Feel free to talk to her on the phone or email her if you want to know more or if you wish to make an appointment.